Ways in which Beauty Pageants help the Society

While we talk about the development of our society, all that pops up in our minds is that it is in the hands of the political leaders. But have you ever thought of Beauty Pageants as an instrument of bringing changes in a Society? That also, not in a National level but change in the world as a whole. It may sound like it is directly out of a fairy-tale, where the princesses take the swords in their hands and fight for the kingdom. In reality, Peauty Pageants act in a similar way, where they gift the society with beauties with brains- girls who charm people with their mesmerizing looks as well as hold a strong intention to make world a better place to live in.

Most of us do not know that the Beauty Pageants are held for a cause too. For instance, Miss America is renowned for providing scholarships for women. Also, Miss Earth is a pageant which aims to increase the awareness and knowledge on prevailing Environmental Issues, and ways of wiping them off. On the other hand, Miss International aims in making the contestants serve as the “Ambassadors of Peace and Beauty.” They are being trained in a way so that they act as a tool of change in the society.

When we talk about Beauty Pageants, how can we miss the word “Unity”? Many contestants from all over the world take part to win the title. In this process, they make friends from other parts of the world and it leads to a building up of healthy relation among the countries. Also, when we think of Sports, we see millions of people uniting in order to support the teams and players from their nation. In the same way, the beauty pageants help in uniting and forming a bond among the people belonging to the countries of the different participants.


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